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Who Might Need Infertility Screening in Thailand?

Couples in Thailand may need fertility screening.

Most people in Thailand have no idea they need fertility screening until they start trying for a child. Although it can come as a shock, an infertility screening can help couples identify any potential issues they might have when it comes to conceiving.

You should book an infertility screening if you are under 35 years of age and have failed to conceive after a year of having regular sexual intercourse without using any form of birth control. For people over 35, screening is recommended after six months of trying. For people over 40, it’s best to consult a doctor at the V-Fertility Center about infertility screening.

The V-Fertility Center offers couples infertility tests to help proactively address conception issues. Depending on the test results, the doctor can create a specially-designed fertility plan that addresses any problems found during the screening.

Infertility can cause guilt and hurt feelings in some couples. But the sooner the source of infertility can be pinpointed, the sooner plans can be made to deal with the problem. By having a fertility test, you can better decide how to proceed as a couple.  

The screening takes into account everything that can affect your fertility. It starts with your medical history and your family’s known medical issues. If you have a history of illness, drug therapy, or have undergone surgery at some point in the past, you should inform your doctor of these facts. 

Your doctor will also inquire about your recent lifestyle and personal habits. If you’re female, the doctor will ask about your monthly menstrual cycles and your sexual history, including what type of contraception you have used and whether you use lubrication when you have sex. Although you may feel these questions are invasive, vaginal lubricants have been proven to negatively affect sperm motility. Lubricants can contain endotoxins produced by bacteria that may be in the lubricant, which can damage both sperm and eggs. If you’ve just recently begun trying to conceive but have been unsuccessful so far, these endotoxins may be the simple issue that’s stopping you from conceiving.  

Comprehensive Screening

The infertility screening offered at the V-Fertility Center in Bangkok, Thailand, casts a wide net. It considers your reproductive system, but it also takes into account stress disorders, hirsutism, body weight changes and the possibility of galactorrhea. This is a hormonal disease caused by having too much prolactin. Prolactin is the hormone responsible for milk production when you conceive a baby. 

The screening also includes a physical examination. The doctor will check your height and weight. They’ll also measure your arm length from fingertip to fingertip, and your distribution of hair. They’ll give you a pelvic examination and measure the development of your breasts. Males will undergo a penis examination, and the doctor will examine the size and shape of the testicles. Any varicose veins in the scrotum and the opening of the urethra will also be noted. 

The following examinations will then be considered:

  • A sperm analysis
  • Measuring the levels of hormones in the mid-luteal state to detect any abnormalities of ovulation. 
  • Examining the pelvic organs.

Infertility screening can take a few menstrual cycles to complete for a woman. The length of time for male results can be as soon as a couple of hours for a sperm analysis and as long as a few weeks for a sperm DNA fragmentation test or an oxidative stress test. 

Some of the tests that may be performed will be based on the results of prior tests, and the doctor may not need to complete every test to find the cause or causes of the problem. Infertility screenings are highly personalized screenings. The individual’s medical history and preliminary tests are used to guide the doctor in prescribing subsequent tests.  

Visit the V-Fertility Center for an Infertility Screening

The V-Fertility Center at Vejthani Hospital was established to offer people the best chance of starting a family. We offer IVF/ICSI treatment using the EmbryoScope Plus, preimplantation genetic diagnosis, intrauterine insemination (IUI), surgical sperm retrieval, and sperm and egg freezing, in addition to our infertility screening. If you’ve been having trouble starting a family, make an appointment at the V-Fertility Center in Bangkok for a comprehensive fertility screening.  

Written by  Dr. Sorramon Songveeratham

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