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Embryoscope plus for IVF

EmbryoScope Plus for IVF

The EmbryoScope Plus represents a significant advancement in IVF technology. It allows doctors to track an embryo’s growth meticulously to ensure the healthiest embryo is selected for implantation and that it is developing normally. This innovative approach significantly enhances the likelihood of a successful pregnancy through IVF.


What is an EmbryoScope?

The EmbryoScope Plus is a state-of-the-art time-lapse system that combines an advanced embryo culture incubator with sophisticated EmbryoViewer software for improved embryo selection and an EmbryoSlide culture dish for safe embryo handling. This integration allows embryos to be continuously monitored in a stable, controlled environment, reducing stress and potential harm that could occur with frequent handling.

The embryo is safely contained in the incubator within the EmbryoScope Plus until it’s developed enough to be transplanted into the uterus. While it is still in the incubator, doctors can monitor its growth to accurately determine when it is developed enough to be transplanted safely.

To monitor embryos safely and effectively, the specialized incubator features a stereo microscope with a high-quality camera. The technology in the EmbryoScope Plus enables the camera to continuously take pictures of the embryo’s development in a time-lapse process automatically without disturbing the embryo.

The time-lapse photos are then combined to create a video showing the embryo’s development over a period of time. By gauging the rate of growth, doctors can determine whether or not the embryo is developing normally.


Benefits of EmbryoScope Plus for IVF

In the field of IVF, one of the biggest challenges is selecting the embryo most likely to result in the birth of a healthy baby. Until recently, embryologists had to remove the embryo from the incubator to perform three or four brief evaluations of the developing embryo at fixed time points over three to five days to assess embryo quality and improve the chances of conceiving.

The evaluation time allowed for these snap-shot evaluations was limited by the need to minimize the time embryos spent outside of the safe environment of the incubator and avoid stress on the embryo.
Now, IVF professionals can benefit from time-lapse photos and more with EmbryoScope Plus:


Improved Embryo Selection

With the EmbryoScope Plus, embryologists at our IVF center can now monitor the embryo’s entire development phase without the need to remove it from the incubator repeatedly. This uninterrupted monitoring offers a more comprehensive view of the embryo’s development, allowing for a more accurate assessment and selection of the best possible embryo for transfer.


Reduced Embryo Stress

Traditional IVF methods require embryos to be taken out of the incubator periodically, exposing them to potential environmental stressors like temperature and humidity fluctuations. The EmbryoScope Plus eliminates this need, keeping the embryos in a consistently safe environment, thus enhancing their development and viability.


Detailed Developmental Insights

The time-lapse technology offered by EmbryoScope Plus provides embryologists with detailed insights into the embryo’s developmental milestones. This continuous monitoring captures crucial moments, such as cell division timings, which were previously difficult to pinpoint. Such detailed observations allow for a more informed selection process, identifying embryos with the highest potential for a successful pregnancy.


Crucial Improvements in IVF with EmbryoScope Plus

EmbryoScope Plus offers crucial improvements on the past methods of performing IVF. In the past, the need to remove the embryo to monitor its development exposed the embryo to changes in temperature and humidity that could cause stress and prolong its development. With the EmbryoScope Plus, there is no more need to handle the embryo or expose it to temperature and humidity changes other than in the final transfer into the uterus.

Because of this fear of damage to the embryo, doctors typically would view the embryo only four or five times, giving them a limited amount of development information. With past technology, the limited times that doctors could view and monitor the embryo’s progress often meant that some crucial information could be missing, such as exactly when the embryo divided. The usual benchmarks could not be verified, and embryologists had to make educated guesses on the extent of development in the embryo.

Now, embryologists can view the entire development phase and measure the embryo’s development more accurately. With the volume of information provided by EmbryoScope Plus’s advanced technology, doctors can identify those embryos with the best chances of successfully resulting in a pregnancy through IVF.


Visit the VFC Center to Increase Your Chances of Conceiving

At the VFC Center at Vejthani Hospital, we utilize the advanced technology of EmbryoScope Plus to boost your chances of a successful IVF outcome. If you are considering IVF and would like to learn more about how the EmbryoScope Plus can play a pivotal role in your fertility journey, we invite you to make an appointment with our specialists. Let us guide you through the advanced options available and help you start your family.