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Medical history, including family history and your spouse both women and men. History of illness and drug therapy and surgery may be associated with infertility. History of monthly cycle of the female. History of contraception and the use of lubricant in intercourse. Records related to stress disorders, reproductive system, hormones such as galactorrhea disease, hirsutism, male sexuality, and body weight changes.

Physical examination, including a thorough physical examination in general including height, weight, arm length from end to end to the other side arm, distribution of hairs, development of the breast, galactorrhea disease, pelvic examination and penis examination to the size, shape and appearance of both testicles. The examination conditions for varicose veins in the scrotum and the opening of the urethra to detect the cause of infertility. At present, the available evidence to be useful in the treatment of infertility are as follows:

  1. Sperm Analysis
  2. Abnormalities of ovulation by measuring the levels of hormones in the midluteal state.
  3. The fallopian tubes are also checked so as to determine the factors of the cervix or the postcoital test to measure basal body temperature or BBT chart to determine the function of sperm or sperm function tests, although there was no evidence of its effectiveness and it is no longer popular today.