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Egg Freezing, an Option for Your Future Baby

Egg freezing

Do you know that the older you get, the harder you can get pregnant? It’s because of the decrease in your egg’s quality. Nowadays, people are more likely to get married later than the past. And, the more you get older, the lesser will be the amount and quality of your eggs, which leads to infertility in women and increases more risk of abnormality in children as well.

No worries! We have a solution for you which is called “Oocyte Freezing or also known as Egg Freezing”. It is one of the recommended infertility treatment for women. With egg freezing, it can pause the age and the quality of the eggs, so that you will have good quality eggs to use in the future when you are ready to have children. The most suitable and recommended time to do the egg freezing is at 20 – 35 years old.

Before egg freezing, the patient has to undergo the ovarian stimulation in order to stimulate more eggs. Then, those eggs will be collected and frozen in liquid nitrogen at the temperature -196 Degrees Celsius in the standardized laboratory for over 10 years or as long as you want. When you are ready to get pregnant, your eggs will be defrosted, then mixed with the sperms. The embryo will be raised in the laboratory until the embryo gets stronger before moving it into the uterus wall to give birth.

In conclusion, if you plan to have children in your own specific time, you better do the egg freezing in order to reduce the risk of infertility in the future.

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