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Various infertility treatments are available in Thailand.

Infertility Treatment in Thailand: Understanding Your Options

Infertility refers to a man or woman’s inability to get pregnant. Most couples should be able to conceive within a year without any difficulty. If a couple in Thailand is still unable to conceive within this time period, it might be necessary to look into infertility treatments. How to Test for Infertility Before the fertility doctor can recommend an infertility treatment, they will run some diagnostic tests to determine the issue (or...

A PGT clinic helps ensure an embryo is viable.

Understanding IVF Genetic Test Results

Preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) is becoming more common with a greater number of people turning to IVF programs to help them conceive. We'll explain what IVF genetic testing entails, how it reduces risks, and what the test results will mean for your chances of conceiving.  IVF genetic testing examines embryos during an IVF cycle before the possible transfer to a woman's uterus. The test is typically carried out in a PGT...