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Stem Cell Treatment for Female Infertility

Young couple welcomes a baby after IVF treatment.

Stem Cell Treatment for Female Infertility

If you have ever felt disheartened by fertility challenges, stem cell treatment could be life-changing. Stem cell treatment is a remarkable breakthrough for female infertility. During this procedure, stem cells are introduced to the ovaries, where they can potentially regenerate ovarian tissues and improve egg quality.


How Does Stem Cell Therapy Help With IVF Treatments in Thailand?

Stem cells are unique in their ability to develop into different types of cells. Stem cells are like the body’s built-in repair system from which all other cells with specialized functions are made. When used in the treatment of female infertility, they have the potential to rejuvenate and revitalize the ovaries, improving the quality of eggs. This is particularly helpful for women whose eggs are not viable enough for conventional IVF.


The Process Explained

Collection and Cultivation

For women undergoing stem cell IVF treatment, the process begins with either extracting the patient’s own stem cells (autologous) or sourcing donor cells (allogeneic). If the stem cells are autologous, they are typically harvested from fat tissue or bone marrow – a procedure carried out with utmost care and precision. These cells are then cultivated in a lab to increase their number and enhance their quality.

Integration with IVF

Under careful guidance, these prepared stem cells are injected directly into the ovarian tissue, to stimulate the ovaries to produce healthier and more viable eggs. This is considered the rejuvenating phase. Here, they work to revitalize the ovarian environment, potentially producing healthier, more viable eggs.

IVF Cycle

Post stem cell therapy, the standard IVF cycle commences. This includes stimulating the ovaries, retrieving eggs, fertilizing them in the lab, and then transferring the resulting embryos into the uterus.


Monitoring and Support

Continuous monitoring and support are provided throughout the process to optimize outcomes and address any concerns. The response to treatment varies, with some women showing improved ovarian function within a few months, while others may need additional time or treatments.


Benefits of Stem Cell IVF Treatment in Thailand

The potential benefits of stem cell therapy in IVF are significant. By rejuvenating the ovaries, stem cells can enhance the quality of eggs, which is crucial for successful IVF. Healthier eggs can lead to better embryo development, increasing the chances of a successful pregnancy. This treatment offers new hope for women who have previously had limited success with traditional IVF.


Doctor and couple discuss stem call IVF treatment.


Ideal Candidates for Stem Cell IVF Treatment

Stem cell therapy is particularly beneficial for women with diminished ovarian reserve or poor egg quality and those who have had unsuccessful IVF cycles. Women with early menopause or certain genetic conditions affecting fertility can also benefit from this innovative treatment.

Determining if stem cell IVF treatment is right for you requires a consultation with experienced fertility specialists. At Vejthani Hospital’s VFC Center in Thailand, our team of experts can provide a comprehensive evaluation to find out if stem cell therapy will help you reach your fertility goals. Our specialists can assess and recommend various innovative approaches to bring you closer to your dream of parenthood.


Why Choose Vejthani Hospital’s VFC Center?

Opting for stem cell treatment for female infertility at the VFC Center in Thailand comes with numerous advantages. Foremost is our team’s expertise in advanced reproductive technologies and techniques, including stem cell applications in IVF. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with cutting-edge technology essential for successful stem cell treatments.

Believing that each fertility journey is unique, we offer personalized care to each patient. From initial consultation to post-treatment care, we provide our patients with a safe and supportive environment.

Stem cell treatment for female infertility at Vejthani Hospital’s VFC Center can help provide women with increased possibilities of a successful pregnancy. If you are exploring the potential of stem cells for IVF treatment in Thailand, reach out to us for a consultation.

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