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Vejthani Hospital | Sperm & Egg Freezing in Thailand

Vejthani Thailand's trusted sperm & egg freezing center

Vejthani Hospital | Sperm & Egg Freezing in Thailand

Fertility preservation, or sperm and egg freezing, is an exciting medical procedure allowing individuals to control their fertility and family planning timeline. With this revolutionary process, individuals can preserve their reproductive cells in a specialized lab for an extended time, allowing them to delay parenthood for personal or medical reasons, such as cancer treatment, or to preserve their fertility before undergoing specific medical procedures.
As cryopreservation continues to become more popular, those seeking to preserve their reproductive potential have a powerful tool to achieve their goals of starting a family on their own terms

If you’re considering your fertility options, there’s no better place to start your journey than Vejthani Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. Our V-Fertility Center boasts state-of-the-art technology, highly-skilled medical professionals, and unparalleled cost-efficiency. Whether you want to look into freezing your sperm and eggs for IVF or artificial insemination, Vejthani Hospital has the resources to make it happen.

Who Would Be A Suitable Candidate?

  • Women at risk of premature ovarian failure due to medical treatments, like chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
  • Those who wish to delay pregnancy for either career or personal reasons.
  • Women undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) with a surplus of healthy eggs.
  • Women with genetic conditions that may impact their future fertility.
  • Men who are undergoing medical treatments that may impact their sperm quality or production.
  • Men with low sperm count or other fertility issues.
  • Men who work in high-risk occupations like the military or sports, where they may face potential injury or exposure to harmful substances that can affect their fertility.

It’s essential to remember that egg and sperm freezing are not foolproof methods of fertility preservation, and success rates may vary depending on various factors. To determine your suitability and manage your expectations, we will guide you on your fertility journey from start to finish. 

The Procedure

Egg freezing, often referred to as oocyte cryopreservation, is an increasingly popular way to preserve fertility. With this procedure, hormones stimulate the ovaries, producing multiple mature eggs that are then collected during a minor surgical procedure and frozen for future use.

Likewise, sperm freezing, or sperm cryopreservation, is a great way to safeguard fertility for later. To obtain a sample, masturbation is used. Then the semen is processed to separate the sperm, mixed with a cryoprotectant solution, and carefully frozen with a controlled cooling process. This is a convenient and reliable method for preserving fertility for the future.

The Advantages

Preserving fertility: Egg and sperm freezing allows individuals to maintain their fertility for future use in case of medical reasons or personal choices, such as delaying parenthood.

Flexibility: Individuals have more control over their family planning by being provided the flexibility to choose the timing of conception.

Increased success rates: Advances in egg and sperm freezing techniques have improved success rates in assisted reproductive technologies, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Reduced risk of genetic abnormalities: By freezing eggs or sperm at a younger age, individuals can reduce the risk of congenital anomalies associated with the age-related decline in fertility.

Provides hope: For individuals facing medical conditions that may affect their fertility, egg and sperm freezing can give hope and a sense of control over their future reproductive options.

We ensure compassionate and tailored care for you

When it comes to freezing sperm or eggs, you should be prepared to have an in-depth discussion with your doctor about your family history, overall health, and lifestyle choices, as these will all be considered when determining the best course of action. During your consultation, you will be given all the materials and information needed to ease your mind about the procedure and any potential risks or side effects.

Depending on an individual’s health and medical background, the doctor may need to run some tests, such as a semen analysis or an ultrasound, to assess quality. 

Vejthani Hospital in Thailand is an excellent choice for individuals seeking egg and sperm freezing services. Our V-Fertility Center takes a holistic approach to fertility care, emphasizing the importance of addressing the emotional and psychological aspects of the fertility journey as well as the medical ones. Patients receive counseling and support to help them manage the challenges of infertility, reduce stress, and improve their overall well-being.

Our center’s reputation for high success rates and excellent patient care speaks to the quality of our service. At Vejthani, patients can have hope for a successful and fulfilling fertility journey in Thailand. 


Written by Dr.Worawat Siripoon

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