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Egg Freezing Program | Vejthani Hospital


Egg Freezing Program | Vejthani Hospital

Many couples and single women are choosing to put off childbirth until later in life. There are various reasons for their decisions, but choosing to wait until later to conceive a child can have some fundamental problems when it comes to one’s ability to conceive naturally. Infertility becomes a problem the older we get. After age 35, the female body starts to produce less eggs and the quality of the eggs that are produced also starts to decline.

Egg freezing is seen as an effective way to avoid the many cycles and procedures of IVF. It allows couples and women to conceive naturally when they’re older. The desire for natural conception is one of the most common reasons people have for freezing their eggs.

Many people choose to freeze healthy eggs to better guarantee conception later. The VFC Center at vejthani Hospital offers an egg freezing program that assures you of the best chances of conceiving a child when you’re ready to try.

Cryopreservation as a Solution

Cryopreservation is the technical term for freezing one’s eggs. It involves preserving the cells and tissues of organisms for extended periods of times by lowering them to sub-zero temperatures. In reproductive cryopreservation, the eggs are stored in -196°C liquid nitrogen. Cryoprotective additives are also used to safeguard the eggs from cryo damage that can result when ice is allowed to form.

Two Methods of Cryopreservation

There are currently two safe and widely practiced methods of preserving eggs cryogenically. Eggs can be slowly cooled at a rate of 0.3-0.5°C per minute. The cooling rate is controlled by a computer and ensures life is extinguished within the eggs. Vitrification takes the new approach of flash-freezing the eggs with rates of 15,000-30,000°C per minute to create a glasslike stage that prevents ice formation. Vitrification also reduces cell damage and increases success rates, but both methods have proven to be effective when storing eggs for under ten years.

Egg Freezing Package

We’ve designed our egg freezing program as a package, because there are several steps to undergo to ensure viable eggs for freezing.

The process starts with an examination. The patient undergoes an x-ray of the lungs, and an internal examination and ultrasound of the uterus and ovaries to ensure they’re healthy. The patient also has a blood analysis performed that tests CBC, HIV, VDRL, HbSAg, HbSab, and HVC.

The next step involves the ovarian stimulation procedure to ensure healthy eggs are harvested. An ovarian stimulation medication is administered on a daily basis for 10 days.

The Egg Freezing Package includes:

  • egg stimulant,
  • anti-ovulation pills,
  • ovulation pills
  • consultation fees for a special consultation appointment and 3 follow-up visits.
  • 3 Follow-up ultrasounds of egg growth
  • 3 Blood tests for hormone levels during the egg stimulation period (E2, LH)
  • Preparation before going to the OR to collect the eggs for ages 40 years over. We check EKG and perform a blood test for diabetes.

Egg Collecting Procedure

  • Medications after the procedure
  • Operating room fees and medical supplies for performing various procedures
  • Fees for anesthesiologists and surgeons performing the egg collection procedures
  • Egg freezing (unlimited number of eggs ) for 3 years.

During the ovulation cycle you will be monitored and your medications will be adjusted continually. The goal is to produce three or more eggs within the ovulation cycle. You will have your blood checked after the stimulation process to ensure your hormone levels return to normal.

After that, the egg collection process begins, which is also called an ovum pick-up or OPU. The eggs collected are graded by an embryologist to ensure the highest quality selection before being frozen.

To start your egg freezing process, simply make an appointment with the VFC Center at Vejthani Hospital.

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